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The Future of AI in the Workplace: A Friend – not an Enemy

In modern society, awareness of artificial intelligence (AI) technology is rapidly increasing. As AI gradually begins to show its presence in the business world, some have a slightly pessimistic opinion that “much of human work will be replaced by AI in the future.”

AI may certainly take over some of the work human beings are doing nowadays. However, before that, AI will first assist us to organize and improve our work. In this blog post, we will discuss AI and the “future of work.”

AI helps with project management

As a matter of course, many people are usually involved in a project, and many factors are involved. In terms of project management, it can be difficult to oversee such a myriad of factors, and everyone knows that it rarely goes as planned.

However, AI can help project managers ensure that the entire project progresses without delay because it is very good at organizing and analyzing large amounts of information. By having AI collect and organize communication and meeting records related to the project, it is possible for each member of the project to access this information and suggest the best actions to be taken.

AI corrects for human “optimistic bias”

When it comes to large-scale projects, the schedule of progress and achievement often tend to be delayed more than planned. There are many causes, but one surprising cause of delay is due to human “optimistic bias.”

Even if humans create a precise plan and analyze the current situation properly, as the project progresses, the human optimism and emotions are inevitably involved in the process. As the plan moves, these factors can cause problems and make it difficult to estimate accurately.

However, an AI is able to estimate the project plan more accurately by examining the current situation, tasks and progress based only on data.

Future divisions of AI and human roles

In this way, AI will be successful in some specialty areas, and human beings will have their own roles to play in other areas. As we advance into the future, this division of roles between humans and AI will continue to change. In this way, it will become possible for human to concentrate more on areas where they are skilled at. This evolution and increasing popularity of Al will make human jobs easier and raise the quality of business.

AI technology is likely to be an increasing trend in the IT industry. We must keep our eyes on this evolution!