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Become a Solutions Partner

BroadSoft’s Xtended Solution Partner programs cover the broad range of product and services companies. The path to becoming a BroadSoft partner depends on the type of product or service the partner provides.

Application Partners Program

BroadSoft has a broad array of partners who integrate their applications with BroadWorks, or build connectors between BroadWorks and other business applications. Applications include call recording, business analytics, popular Customer Relationship Management packages, telco Operations Support Systems, and many more.

BroadSoft XSi interface exposes a rich set of application programming interfaces or such integration, through our Xtended Services Interface (XSi), This RESTful-based API allows subscriber and call resources to be accessed and used via HTTP and simple XML. This approach requires less client-side software to be written than other approaches and is the overwhelming choice for developers to create Web applications.

Application partners have access to BroadSoft-hosted development platforms providing. a self-service model that enables partners to develop at their own pace. Support is provided by Q & A Forums which are monitored by BroadSoft Engineers. Developers can easily get started with the BroadSoft Xtended Partner program by visiting the Xtended Developers Site.

Developers who have integrated their applications with BroadWorks should contact us.

Interop Partner Program

BroadSoft has been a leader in implementing and promulgating standards-based solutions in the telecom industry. As one of the first companies to embrace and help to standardize on the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), BroadSoft has developed a broad array of device and technology partners that integrate via SIP. This includes IP Phone and softphone partners serving up both voice and video, Session Border Controllers, Voice over IP Gateways, and more. BroadSoft also supports call recording via the SIPREC interface, and headsets and other USB communication devices via the HID protocol.

BroadSoft provides a test environment and validation program for partners to test their SIP , SIPREC, and HID solutions with the BroadWorks platform. Each partner establishes an account on BroadSoft-hosted testing platforms. Self-testing is done by partners and support is provided via a Q & A Forum which is moderated by BroadSoft engineers. The site contains all the required interface documentation and test plans.

The process is as follows:

  1. Partner executes the relevant test plan and completes the test report.
  2. Partner submits the test report to BroadSoft for verification.
  3. BroadSoft reviews the results to verify the validation requirements have been met.
  4. The device is added to the BroadSoft interoperability list, available via BroadSoft’s Xchange customer portal.
  5. BroadSoft will also work with the partner to document the device configuration in a Partner Configuration Guide, which will be posted on Xchange
  6. Partner applies to become a formal partner and be added to the Solution Partner Showcase

To get started, visit the BroadSoft Interop Site and request an account.

Services Partner Program

In addition to pure technology partners, BroadSoft has an array of partners that provide services to BroadSoft channels and end users, including consulting, training, implementation, and other important services that complement our solutions.

Partners who have developed services expertise related to BroadSoft’s solutions may submit a request to join the Xtended partner community.