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Channel Partners

BroadSoft Channel Partners are important to BroadSoft, and they cover a diverse range of specialities, territories and skills. One thing they all have in common is their ability to position their products and solutions as best-in-breed, their wide range and depth of professional services capabilities, and their credibility in the industry by their adherence to best practices.

Channel Partners become an important and vibrant extension of our sales teams and proactively qualify and target opportunities where both the partner and BroadSoft expand their market reach, solution portfolio – and ultimately, their revenues.

Our Channel Partners can choose from the full suite of Broadsoft product offerings – from becoming a BroadWorks reseller, a BroadCloud reseller, a Distributor…or a combination of products.  Channel Partners can resell our products “as is”, or they can add value by enhancing it, embedding it into their own product solutions, or by adding complementary services and applications.

Telco Systems Integrator

BroadWorks is a fully-featured application server deployed in over 500 service provider customers worldwide.  Telco Systems Integrators play an extremely important role when  positioning BroadWorks to a Service Provider. BroadWorks Channel Partners act as resellers and/or systems integrators, and receive training and guidance from BroadSoft.  BroadWorks Channel Partners enjoy close relationships with BroadSoft’s regional sales teams and have exclusive web portal access to sales and marketing information.

Enterprise Reseller

BroadSoft provides industry leading unified communications solutions via both software and cloud delivery, providing a wealth of partnership opportunities for value added resellers, brokers, agents, dealers, and distributors servicing small and large enterprises.

Service Provider

Carriers and service providers, provide a channel for BroadSoft’s products from hosting an instance of BroadWorks in their own data center and using the versatile multi-tenant capabilities of the platform to host multiple end user customers, to extending BroadCloud as the most cost-effective and quick-to-market approach to launch services to small and medium business enterprise – effectively white-labelling BroadCloud as a service to their business customers.

Contact us to discuss the opportunities as a BroadSoft Channel Partner.