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The New Contextual Conversation!

Feeling disorganized at

So many projects. So many tools. So many conversations to be had.

Information proliferation is a reality in the modern workplace. Connecting the dots and keeping it all together can feel like a struggle.

BroadSoft’s Hub cloud aggregation service makes everything simpler. It combines your communications with your business cloud applications and puts what’s important to your conversation together in one place.

So whether you’re talking or messaging, your most recent and relevant interactions automatically display at your fingertips – giving you the context you need to have more meaningful conversations.

Conversations made

Hub combines UC-One and Team-One with the cloud applications you use every day, such as Google G SuiteOffice 365SalesforceTwitter, and many more – into one unified view.

Hub brings context from those apps into your conversations, removing the chaos from flipping screens and minimizing distractions from searching for that last file you shared.

With Hub, you can:

  • See everything that’s relevant to your meeting – such as previous orders, emails, files, chat history and even social media streams
  • Perform application-specific tasks such as sorting emails or approving an order during your collaboration session

Hub also provides APIs so you can build your own contextual application.

No more chaos while
you’re mobile

Multi-tasking doesn’t stop just because you’re away from your desk. You still need easy access to important information from your mobile and be prepared for that next call or chat.

Our intuitive UC-One Connect mobile app unites with Hub, bringing together the critical information you need to make your conversations more productive.

Whether it’s the document you reviewed or the meeting minutes from your last call, Hub displays what you need, when you need it – even while mobile.

Want More Information?

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