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“BroadSoft Presents” Custom Media – A Case Study

What kind of company is BroadSoft Japan? What kind of services do we offer?

In order to help you better understand our company and how we can help our customers, we have created the “Case Study – BroadSoft Presents Corner.”

For our fourth case study, we visited Custom Media K.K., a Tokyo-based, award-winning, bilingual, content-creation and communication agency in Tokyo at their office, located in Azabudai close to the Tokyo Tower. At the quiet location, a short distance away from the hustle and bustle of Roppongi, we met with Robert Heldt, the president of the company.

Mr. Robert Heldt, President of Custom Media

Mr. Robert Heldt, President of Custom Media

Driving Japan’s “Bilingual” Communication

Custom Media is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year.

Mr. Heldt, from Chennai, India, came to Japan in 2004 and worked in advertising before establishing Custom Media in 2008. He was attracted to advertising and marketing in Japan because it was very different from his own country.

“When I arrived in Japan, one of the first things that caught my eye was the proliferation of advertising. In India, where I grew up, ads are common in newspapers and on television, but they aren’t part of the overall landscape like they are here. I was fascinated by the way Japan placed advertising everywhere— even on escalators— and I said to myself, ‘I need to learn about this industry.’

“At that time, the amount of Japanese–English bilingual advertising was extremely small, so I saw great potential in that area. I had always wanted to develop my own business, and here was the perfect opportunity for me in Japan.”

Transition to the Cloud: Background and Effect

At Custom Media, BroadSoft’s cloud fixed phone is used for daily interaction. In the advertising and media industry, there is an impression that various forms of communication are being used, but what is the actual situation? We asked Mr. Heldt about the circumstances of introducing BroadSoft and previous issues.

“Since we were a small company at the beginning, we introduced a basic in-house PBX phone system in our office with a maximum of five lines. As we started to grow, our staff quickly increased and we needed to expand our communications system. I started looking for a new provider, and BroadSoft was recommended to me.”

Being cloud based was one of the reasons Custom Media switched to BroadSoft. With PBX, a dedicated engineer was required for maintenance. By switching to a cloud-based solution, this burden could be reduced.

“With our previous system, there were sometimes problems with call quality. Because the PBX system and the mail server were connected to the same network, calls would drop because the load was too much. We don’t have those problems anymore because the BroadSoft system separates this and is cloud-based.

“And the customer service has been great. When issues or admin needs do arise, we get quick responses to our questions. For example, if one of our staff moves or leaves, we must re-configure a phone with a new name and number. BroadSoft quickly takes care of that situation.”

Phones are Still Vital for Business Success

E-mails and chat are becoming more popular in customer support nowadays. However, the telephone is still indispensable in business. Top-notch business people make the smart choice depending on their needs.

“I believe that the phone is the lifeblood of a business. Of course, I use email every day, but the sales team is mainly on the phone because email can’t convey emotion the way the telephone can— and emotion is critical to the person-to-person connection that leads to a sale. When communication is handled only in text, there’s also a greater chance for misunderstanding. That happens far less often with voice, because mood and nuance are clear.

“Our work is also fast-paced and, when there is an important deadline looming, it is often more effective to simply make a call. In cases where we have not received data from a client, sending an email— even multiple times— and waiting for a response may not resolve the problem. Picking up the phone and speaking directly to the right person can make all the difference.”

BroadSoft ‘s Solution and the Future

“When all factors are considered— stability, flexibility, scalability, cost effectiveness— BroadSoft is the perfect system. It grows with you, too, without high cost. If you need to increase the number of lines, for example, it’s easy with the cloud-based system. And BroadSoft is a provider that can be trusted in all aspects of service, including call quality and customer support. I have great confidence in the platform and the company.”

The Takeaway

With the Tokyo Olympic Games fast approaching, Japanese companies are increasingly looking for opportunities in the Japanese and international markets. Along with this expansion of brands and products overseas, bilingual and multilingual needs will also be accelerated. BroadSoft’s cloud-based solution is successfully helping Custom Media respond to that internationalization of communication. Their future is bright with expected growth.


*** About Custom Media K.K. ***

Established in 2008, Custom Media is a Tokyo-based, communication and marketing agency active in content creation fields, such as printed materials, digital, video, and social media.
Custom Media has supported effective marketing strategies as a partner of prestigious clients, such as the American/Canadian/British Chambers of Commerce in Japan, the Tokyo American Club, the hotel industry, and others.