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RGF HR Agent Japan – A Case Study

Welcome to our second case study of BroadSoft Japan!

This time, we introduce RGF HR Agent Japan (RGF), a specialist in recruitment services, based in Ebisu, Tokyo!

RGF, which handles human resources services essential for telephone calls and prompt communication, uses BroadSoft cloud solutions for day-to-day operations. Mr. Matthew Nicholls, managing director of Japan operations, and Ms. Katie Hirayama, sales and marketing manager, tell us their stories.

The No. 1 bilingual recruitment firm in Japan

RGF Japan is the bilingual recruiting arm of Recruit Holdings Co Ltd, the largest human resource service provider company in Japan. RGF specializes in mid-career recruitment for multinational companies or domestic businesses with a global outlook. RGF combines the power of the domestic Recruit brand with wide ranging international recruiting expertise, and a network of offices throughout Asia.

RGF Japan covers all functional specialisms and industry sectors from mid-career to senior positions. RGF has a track record of supplying talent to the leading international and domestic firms in Japan.

The Ebisu, Tokyo office is an excellent example of just that – a wide variety of people from all over the world smoothly working together.

Mr. Matthew Nicholls, managing director, oversees the entire Japanese operation. We asked him about the relationship between RGF and Broadsoft and the merits of using our service.

“In the human resources service industry, the telephone is an indispensable tool of communication. Of course, we meet individually with the candidates, but during the process, we always keep in contact by telephone and build a base of trust. Emotions can be hard to communicate in text, so we try to avoid email.”


Company and Cloud – a desire to grow together

Initially, RGF used a conventional telephone system, but it began to feel a bit restrictive. It was this desire for more flexibility and mobility that led to the connection between Mr. Nicholls and Broadsoft.

“To be honest, I felt our business might be limited by a traditional system, and there was a desire to introduce a state-of-the-art system in line with the growth of RGF.”

It is a common desire for career consultants to be able to call anyone, anytime, and anywhere, according to the circumstances of candidates and client companies. However, that motivation cannot be capitalized on if it can only happen on office phones. Therefore, Mr. Nicholls introduced the BroadSoft Cloud solution.

“There are many reasons for choosing BroadSoft, but the first thing is that the company’s solution was extremely flexible. Because the cloud market is growing rapidly around the world, I felt it would be a good match for the growth of RGF. It is a great service that has excellent scalability and flexibility. Also, when we have to move an office, everything is safe and secure in the cloud.

It is also good to work with the Salesforce database and convenient functions, such as click to dial. Because our consultants are in constant contact with candidates every day, I think that our work efficiency has improved considerably with this function. “

Photo 18-06-2017, 10 00 23 (1)Katie Hirayama – sales and marketing manager


With a cloud phone, you can work with freedom

Currently, RGF takes advantage of various BroadSoft features and functions, such as Polycom phones, UC-One smartphone client, unlimited calling, managed network services, and KPI reports.

Katie Hirayama, who oversees the team as a sales manager of RGF, also conducts day-to-day operations with a BroadSoft cloud phone. How does the convenience of a cloud phone make her job easier?

“Since I always have to call a job seeker or a client, I use my phone quite a lot.

It is very helpful that I can use the mobile application to call internal extensions and respond to sudden phone calls when I’m out of the office or on a business trip abroad. Also, for example, if a phone call comes in at night after the office is closed, the incoming information is saved in the application, and it is easy to follow up quickly and easily.”


Finally, what did you think about the cloud solution?

“I think that the cloud and mobile applications are solutions that are suitable for these times. As the age group of employees is relatively young, everyone tends to like the latest technology (Nicholls).”

“We can work freely without being bound by location because we can use our phones anywhere, not just in the office. I really can feel the power of IT enabling remote work! (Hirayama).”


The Takeaway

In this modern era of growing globalization, opportunities for companies to establish overseas operations and interact with foreign companies are increasing rapidly, including Japan. Securing excellent, bilingual/multilingual talent is critical for a company’s international future.


***RGF HR Agent Japan***

Established in April 2011 as a human-resources service company dedicated to recruiting high-career candidates for foreign and global companies.

Bilingual professional consultants offer expert counseling and optimal human resources/projects for people seeking global careers and companies requiring multilingual talent.

RGF is a professional enterprise of global recruiting with the largest network in Asia with 47 offices in Asia.