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Business Innovation with the Power of the Cloud – BroadSoft Case Studies

BroadSoft develops and provides cloud-based business communication platforms such as UC-One and Team-One all over the world. Even though the global industry is currently in a transition period from conventional on-premise systems to cloud-type systems, BroadSoft has focused on the potential of the cloud from the beginning and has offered cloud-based applications for approximately 20 years.

In Japan, the number of companies moving their internal communication infrastructures to the cloud are increasing as 2020 approaches, and we have received excellent feedback and evaluations from our customers. In this blog post, we’d like to introduce two examples from our Case Study page.

The British School in Tokyo

The British School in Tokyo, which offers a high-quality British curriculum in the center of Tokyo, was searching for a changeover from a traditional, on-premise phone system that was installed more than 10 years ago.


The deciding factor to implement BroadSoft’s cloud-based system was that we were the only cloud vendor capable of number portability. This attractive benefit allowed The British School in Tokyo to shift to the latest cloud system without changing their phone numbers. They also highly appreciated our unique strengths as globalized company, including response to international calls and bilingual support.

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RGF HR Agent Japan, which provides global human resources services as an overseas operating company of Recruit Holdings, had been considering the introduction of a cutting-edge communication system. They felt that their conventional system was limiting their business potential.

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BroadSoft was chosen based on our flexible solutions and scalability that adapt to business growth demands. Some examples are the convenient ability to call internal extensions from mobile applications when on the go and the ease of collaboration with the sales force database.

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BroadSoft – a global leader in cloud communications

 As a leading company in cloud communications, BroadSoft has an overwhelming share in the global market. In fact, 25 of the top 30 service providers in the world use BroadSoft products, and our cloud market share is 41%.

Customers wishing to migrate to the cloud or introduce unified communications should definitely consider collaborating with BroadSoft. Together, we can create a flexible transition plan that meets your needs. Please feel free to contact us using this form!