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Our industry-leading approach that ensures service providers
can deliver advanced mobile communications and collaboration

What is bMobile? It’s how we empower Service Providers to deliver
mobile-first solutions and services to their customers – so they can
remain relevant for the mobile generation.

Michael Tessler CEO, BroadSoft

Empower your business
customers to go mobile

Did you know?

  • 59% of today’s professionals use their mobile devices to run line of business applications
  • 50% use their mobile device as their primary device for work
  • Over 80% use text messaging for business
  • 86% of calls to businesses are put on hold

What’s YOUR mobile strategy?

Be a game changer

With BroadSoft bMobile capabilities, you can offer customized business solutions that deliver one service, one experience and one business number.

Give your customers a familiar mobile experience that’s superior to the “best-effort” that most other competitive solutions provide, including key features such as:

  • Mid-call capabilities
  • Multiple identity support
  • Business caller ID
  • Deep mobile integration
  • Native dialer support

Interested in learning more about our UC-One mobile apps for business? Download our e-book to get the details on UC-One Communicator, UC-One Connect and UC-One Meet.

Don’t let your mobile
network investments
go to waste

Generate increased revenue from your legacy and LTE network investments with BroadSoft bMobile capabilities.

Our mobile solutions can leverage legacy 2G/3G circuit networks, LTE Packet switched networks and VoWiFi networks for mobile UC services.

And because of our BroadSoft Business open platform philosophy,you can integrate your mobile offers with other cloud business apps that are present on mobile phones.

Let us help you create a
competitive advantage

Remain relevant and improve your competitive advantage with advanced, comprehensive bMobile solutions.

From messaging, voice, video, conferencing and more – we’ll help you put together creative packaging that will exceed your customers’ expectations and help you generate both fixed line and new mobile revenues.

We offer a comprehensive suite of mobile applications, including UC-One Communicator, UC-One Connect and UC-One Meet, that can help you quickly get into the ‘over the top’ mobile game, or that can be completely integrated with your exisitng mobile network.

Want More Information?

Our solution specialists will contact you for a personalized session to learn more about the benefits of UC-One mobile apps.